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    Harshita Basaria is a 28-year-old MBA graduate who was so fascinated with a wedding cake four years ago that she decided to forgo her future in the corporate world and started baking. Going commercial three months ago, she is now the proud owner of Edesiaa��s Galley a�� a cupcake shop, bakery and culinary school. a�?I realised I wanted to do something that always interested me and which I happened to be good at, rather than simply following through on my education,a�? begins the self-taught baker, who also holds cooking classes, specialising in North Indian and Coorg cuisine.
    But with cupcake shops and pA?tisseries on every street corner, what sets Basaria apart is her simplicity. a�?I dona��t decorate with fondant because it can look overdone and is also unhealthy,a�? she explains, opting instead to use organic ingredients as much as possible. a�?Ita��s a niche outfit as I cater to those with dietary or allergic needs like diabetes, gluten or egg intolerance and those who just want rustic cakes,a�? she says, elaborating that such cakes (better known as naked cakes) may have frosting but no fondant at all.
    With a chewy toffee base, her milk chocolate mousse cake, topped with dark chocolate ganache glaze and dusted cocoa is a favourite. As is the chocolate cupcake which is loaded with chocolate sauce and coated with a caramel glaze. a�?What is also a fast seller is my 100 per cent organic coffee cake that uses organic coffee from Kerala, in addition to all other organic ingredients, usually the Mantra 24 brand,a�? she says.
    If youa��re looking for a sugar-free delight, the date and palm sugar cake, soaking in the sweetness of both those ingredients only, will fit the bill. Or if ita��s something more opulent youa��re after, her summer brunch cakes loaded with fruits, a walnut fudge brownie or the classic peanut butter jelly tarts will do the trick.
    `900 per kilo upwards. At Bannerghatta Road. Details: 9986311020
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