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    Kanabis is popular for their vegetarian shoes made from jute, lace and dari

    Despite a flourishing career as a chartered accountant, Devika Srimal was always fascinated about starting her entrepreneurial journey. But she wasna��t sure about what to do until a year ago. It was only when she moved to India after living in London for six years that she realised the dearth of non-leather shoes or sandals available in the retail market. a�?There were fewer options and the ones that were available were from China, and the quality was questionable. There were very few Indian makers who created shoes that are animal- friendly,a�? Srimal (28) says.
    A year ago, she began to plan her next step a�� a brand that would design footwear that is 100 per cent vegetarian. And today, Kanabis makes all sorts of shoes a�� boots, sandals, wedges, slip-on, flats, pumps and so on — using materials such as jute, lace, straws, PU as substitute for leather, dari (woven fabric) and canvas. a�?Our core animal-friendly substitute for leather is canvas. Historically canvas was made from hemp, which came from the cannabis plant. Kanabis is a play on that word, and lends itself well to our canvas products. We basically wanted to do our bit to make fashion animal-friendly,a�? Srimal says.
    Each pair here is exclusively designed, has an innovative name, and a story to tell. a�?To give an example, therea��s an old grandma saying that opposites attract. We tried that theory on our shoes a�� picked the rough jute and delicate lace and we got one good looking team called jute meets lace,a�? she adds.
    Today, the brand boasts of 45 different products in six different sizes. The Delhi-based brand is available at select outlets in Chennai, Jaipur and Pune apart from a live e-commerce site. They also sell on Flipkart, Styletag and Voiletstreet.
    `1,700 -`3,500. At kanabis.in. Details: 09871732976
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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