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Buy penegra india From scallops to tiger prawns, Golden Dragon at Taj Krishna pulls out all the stops to celebrate the Year of the Rooster

Be prepared for a charming mix of Chinese myths, traditions and authentic recipes, at the Golden Dragon, Taj Krishna, as they celebrate the Year of the Rooster this weekend which is on till February 5. Executive chef, Nitin Mathur tells us,ai???The Chinese believe that there should be at least one noodle variety and a fish dish for the New Year, as it is supposed to bring in prosperity. So, expect a variety of noodles and a host of seafood options, cooked with tiger prawns and scallops, that are not a part of the regular menu.ai??? With the delicate taste of juicy pork and the abundance of vegetables like zucchini and bell peppers, these dishes remind you of the freshness of ingredients that one traditionally associates with Chinese cuisine. Chicken Jiaozi, the starter that first came up for sampling, was lightly fragrant. This wholesome dumpling soup rustled up with chicken broth is an ideal one if you are craving comfort after a binge eating bout. Pork lovers should celebrate this Chinese New Year with their Five Spiced Honey Spare Ribs. Although most of the food on the menu is prepared fresh and can be made in less than an hour, this one is an exception to the rule.ai???The pork belly is slow-cooked which makes the fat ooze out lending a juicy quality to it,ai??? says Mathur. The subtle hint of star anise and Chinese peppercorn makes it a memorable dish.

From the vegetarian fare, you can savour the Zucchini Water Chestnut Sweet Peppers in Black pepper Sauce and the Fried Silken Tofu. The latter had a melt-in-your-mouth quality about it and left a subtle sweet aftertaste while the zucchini and the water chestnut in the former made for a crunchy bite. From the entrAi??es, we sampled the Ginger Chicken in Chilli Oil and Sesame flavoured Ginger Onion Noodles. The juicy pieces of meat in a mildly peppered gravy goes well with the noodles. We wash it down with the soothingly aromatic jasmine tea, poured out of giant metal kettles adding that quirky authenticity to the whole experience.

Time: Lunch 12.30 pm-3.30 pm; Dinner 7.30 pm-11.30 pm
Price for two: Rs 4,000 ++

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