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    Are We There Yet, Comedy Central, Monday to Friday, 9 pm
    Based on the 2005 movie of the same name, Are We There Yet? features a six-month-old married couple with issues to resolve. In the latest episode, Suzanne (the wife) deals with her two children who refuse to listen to her and decide to go out with friends and play video games. Will the marriage work or did they rush into this a bit too soon?

    Alastair Cook of England celebrates afteSri Lanka Vs England, Star Sports, November 29, 10 am
    After a disastrous series with India, Sri Lanka will look to get back into rhythm with the ODI series against England in Sri Lanka. With in-form batsmen Alastair Cook and Moeen Ali, England will look to breach into the subdued bowling attack of Sri Lanka. Catch live action on Star Sports.

    Dirty JobsDirty Jobs, Animal Planet, Friday, 11 am
    In the latest episode of Dirty Jobs, host Mike Rowe is in California, teaching us how to dig the perfect hole in the search for a blood worm. The episode also sees Mike giving us a lesson on how to take care of penguins. In the next episode, he is all set to get rid of rats and mosquitoes from a locality in California.

    100The 100, Z Cafe, Saturday, 7 pm
    This show is set in a world post a nuclear apocalypse, which killed almost everyone on Earth. One hundred surviving humans, living on a spaceship, are sent back to Earth to help get civilisation on track. In the latest episode, the grounders (aliens on Earth) experiment on humans, torturing them with radiation. Will they survive the invasion?

    neiThe Neighbors, Star World, Monday, 8.30 pm
    The Weavers decide to move to a new community in New Jersey. But to their dismay, they find out that their neighbours are aliens. In the latest episode, Amber, one of the Weaversa��s daughters, decides to buy something special for her boyfriend, Reggie (the alien next door), setting off alarms in the minds of her parents.

    Blue Bloods, AXN, Monday to Friday, 9 pm
    Season five of Blue Bloods, the American crime-drama, is about justice. In episode eight, the show features a new crimea��a rape case by an authority figure in a university. Will Frank Reagen, the chief of police, be able to crack the case and lock up the professor who was involved in it?


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