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    Arsenal vs Chelsea,
    Star Sports, Sunday, 8.30 pm
    The last big match for Chelsea before the season ends is at Emirates Stadium, where they play against in-form hosts, Arsenal. They can extend the lead at the top, to 13 points, if they win this gamea��effectively deciding the championship, with several games to spare.

    The Real Girla��s Kitchen, Fox Life, Sunday, 1.30 pm
    In the new episode of The Real Girla��s Kitchena�� based on host Haylie Duff a��s popular blog and cookbook by the same namea��DuffA� seeks some Asian inspiration as she heads to Pho Cafe to try out homemade soba noodles with Japanese chef Sonoko Sakai, and shop in the Bangkok Market.

    Savage Family Diggers,
    Discovery Channel, Today, 7 pm
    This reality series revolves around former professional wrestler Frank Huguelet and his family, who travel across the US in search of buried historical artefacts. In episode 13, they are on the lookout for a hidden Cold War bunker in Miami. Will the bunker reveal ancient Russian relics
    or will it be a dead end?

    Brain Games,
    Nat Geo, Today, 9.30 pm
    If you want to know the limits to which our minds can go, watch Brain Games for more clarity. This reality series uses interactive games and experiments to test various facets of the braina��like focus, fear, persuasion, decision making and so on. In the latest episode, men and women are pitted against each other in experiments to prove that genders are not equal.

    Ultimate Cake Off,
    TLC India, April 27, 7 pm
    A line-up of professional cake artistes face-off in this showa��baking cakes over five feet talla��with the help of their team of chefs and designers. In the sixth episode of season two, three participants try to win the competition by making their best cake for a Hollywood-themed wedding.
    All for a prize of $10,000.

    Doli Armaanon Ki,
    Zee TV, Today, 3.30 pm
    This drama revolves around Urmi, a small-town girl with dreams of meeting her Prince Charming and living happily ever after. However, she soon finds out life is never that rosy. With her marriage beset with problems, she ends up filing for divorce. In the latest episode, her husband realises his mother is visiting and tries his best to prevent her from finding out the truth.


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