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    Royal Pains,
    Star World Premiere, Today, 10 pm
    Dr Hank Lawsona��s principles are forced to take a back seat when he is blamed for the death of a hospital trustee. Blacklisted from the medical community, he must now work for money. Suddenly, after helping a guest in the Hamptons, he ends up being the favourite doctor for the rich there.

    My Life, My Style, Zoom, Daily, 7 pm
    Following their relaunch, Zoom brings on board Kangana Ranaut as the ambassador and a show host. The Bollywood actor will be seen sharing styling tips and insights into her personal style on My Life, My Style@Kangana. The multi-faceted Farhan Akhtar will also be on the channel, in On The Road@Farhan Live, which is a musical journey with his band on tour.

    Through The Wormhole,
    Discovery Science, Saturdays, 10 pm
    Season six of Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, unlike all its previous seasons, has taken a more bold outlook. Questioning everything you know about space, time and morality, this Discovery Science project will have you wondering about everything from whether our reality is virtual to the human tendency of lying.

    Taste Off, TLC, Fridays, 5.30 pm
    A travelogue-cum-culinary competition, Taste Off features self-taught British chef, restaurateur and author, Aaron Craze, who takes on expert homegrown chefs from around the world, often challenging them on their most loved national dishes. In this episode he takes the show to Rio, Brazil.

    Biggest and Baddest,
    Animal Planet, Fridays, 10 pm
    Niall McCann takes you on a wildlife adventure, trying to discover the biggest and baddest creatures on the planet. This time around, he is on a quest to gain an understanding of one of the largest and most dangerous birds, the cassowary.

    From Spain, With Love,
    Fox Life HD, Fridays, 2 pm
    Hostess Annie Sibonney makes her way to the Basque country, known for its unique cuisine and large population of expert cooks. With a special focus on their olive oil, the show discovers the various regional recipes that use the oil.


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