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    Ground Floor,
    Z Cafe, Saturday, 2 pm and 10 pm
    This comedy show revolves around a successful bank manager, Brody, and his struggles in balancing work and love life after a one-night stand with Jenny, a maintenance worker in his office. The latest episode shows Brody trying, and failing, to admit his love for Jenny.

    Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,
    TLC India, Monday to Thursday, 9 pm
    This reality show gives us an insight into the life of child beauty pageant winner, Alana Honey Boo Boo Thomson. Season two revolves around Alana and her friends as they experiment with boyfriends and dressing up. The latest episode is about her finding a job, learning to take care of her pets and making new friends.

    Gold Rush, Discovery India,
    Monday to Friday, 10 pm
    Season five revolves around Klondike (a city close to Alaska) and the mining activity there. With five people taking a gamble and heading to the mines of Alaska to find gold, the season concentrates on Parker Schnabel (the most successful gold miner from season one) and his coach Tony Beets as they try to break their own gold records.

    The Middle, Z Cafe, Thursday, 12 pm This comedy is about a mother, Frankie Heck, and her acts of heroism as she tries to take care of her husband and three adolescent kids. The latest episode features her trying to juggle her work, pick up groceries and plan how to keep her children under check.

    The Most Extreme, Animal Planet, Monday to Friday, 3 pm
    From tracking the worlda��s loudest animals to recording their temper tantrums, season four features some of the most unique fetishes of common animals like elephants, ticks and water bears. The latest episode revolves around ticks and how they eat a lot without gaining any weight.

    Hot in Cleveland, Comedy Central, Monday to Friday, 11 pm
    Revolving around three women in their mid-20s, Hot in Cleveland takes us through some of the funniest incidents faced by the three women as they try to fit in with the Cleveland crowd. The latest episode is focussed on how the girls try to find love and throw a huge party to prove their worth.


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