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    Artsnight: Not Shakespeare,
    BBC World News, August 1, 8 am and 11 pm
    Writer-broadcaster Andrew Marr helms BBCa��s latest art series. It will shine the spotlight on Renaissance dramatists whose stories have been neglected, as their peer William Shakespeare overshadowed them. Ben Jonson, John Ford and Christopher Marlowe are some of those who will be explored in the show.

    CSI: Cyber, AXN, Saturday, 10 pm
    TeleSide2This episode, titled Selfie 2.0, sees the cyber team investigate the abductions of young women. But what is odd is that their social media pages continue to be updated. Meanwhile, Special Agent Avery (Patricia Arquette) helps Trish McCarthy (Rosanna Arquette) cope with the death of her sister, who was Averya��s former psych patient.

    True Detective,
    HBO Defined, Monday, 10 pm
    Black Maps and Motel Rooms will be the penultimate episode of True Detective: Season Two. Following the previous episode when Detective Velcoro and his boss Ani find Vera, the woman they are hunting from the start, the entire truth begins to unfold. And despite Ani killing someone before leaving the party, they are now closer to discovering how Vera originally disappeared.

    Bid & Destroy, National Geographic Channel HD, Friday, 7 pm
    The Danley Demolition crew spend their time locating properties that are on the brink of destruction, but housing secret treasures. Each property is thoroughly searched to find precious, unusual items and then demolished. This week, Brian and Lee bring down an oceanfront mansion in New Castle.

    Donna Hay: Fresh, Fast and Simple, TLC, Friday, 4.30 pm
    Australian food stylist and author Donna Hay gives you a master class on combining fresh and pantry ingredients to create some of her most decadent treats. With helpful tips and tricks, in this episode she teaches you to whip up some simple suppersa��think pasta, rice, curries and more.

    Deadbeat, Comedy Central, Saturday, 10 am
    TeleSide6The series stars Kevin Pacalioglu, a medium who seeks to find solutions to ghostsa�� unresolved issues, to help them along on their final journey. On occasion, he takes the help of his friend, Roofie, who is also a drug dealer.


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