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    Hannibal, AXN, Sunday, 11 pm
    The FBIa��s search forthe mysterious killer Francis Dolarhyde intensifies and Will Graham (lead criminal profiler) begins to visualise himself as Dolarhyde. Developing a sympathy towards the killer, Grahama��s sense of judgment is compromised, leading him to seek help from Hannibal Lecter. Despite Alana (consultant psychologist) warning him of the consequences of teaming up with Lecter, Graham goes ahead.

    Barclays Premier League,
    Star Sports, Saturday, 5.15 pm
    The most-watchedA�football league returns today as players ditch their country colours to get into club jerseys. Starting off the Premier League is Manchester United who will play host to Londoners Tottenham Hotspurs. LaterA� Bournemouth will play Aston Villa, while reigning champions Chelsea take on Swansea City at home. PlusA�catchA�Everton, Wartford, Norwich,A� Leicester and Sunderland in action, too.

    The Strain,
    Star World Premiere, Fridays, 11 pm
    Tonighta��sA�episode of The Strain introduces Angel Guzman Hurtado, a former luchador wrestler who is now a mere dishwasher. Then, going back to 1966, the episode tracks the story of how Eldritch Palmer (a billionaire chasing immortality) and Abraham Setrakian (a Holocaust survivor) cross paths and then diverge, before meeting again in thepresent day with Angel linking the two.

    Gok Cooks Chinese,
    TLC, Friday, 6.30 pm
    Fashion consultant and television presenter, Gok Wan takes over the kitchen in Gok Cooks Chinese. Serving up delicious Chinese fare, much of it inspired by his childhood, his quick and healthy dishes are what youa��d find in a regular Chinese home. Often helped by his father, in this episode he creates a traditional feast with baked sea bass, and pork and chicken in lettuce leaves.

    7 AUG OCEAN MODELSOcean Models,
    Discovery Turbo, Tonight, 11 pm
    Tune into Ocean Models to get a peek into the glamorous lifestyles of beautiful models. From exploring their dramatic relationships with agencies and conflicts with male and female models, it also looks into the hurdles that threaten their careers and position.

    You Got Magic,
    NDTV Good Times Sunday, 8 pm
    Sundaya��sA�episode will see magician Neel Madhav and foodie Akash Arora taking you around the Golden City, Jaisalmer. While Madhav works his tricks on every element that he stumbles upon, Arora will offer a glimpse into the quirky eateries and the food habits there.


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