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    Great Indian Hotels, Travelxp HD, Friday, 10 pm
    In the latest episode of the show that identifies the best hotels in the country, we are whisked away to a tree house in Jaipur. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, The Tree House Resort has wooden cottages kissing the treeline. From getting pampered at its aviary spa to enjoying its international cuisine, discover how one can unwindA� several feet off the ground.

    Go Style,A� Fox Life, Friday, 8 pm
    The week-old series looks into celebrity image makeovers, fashion designers who work with stars and other interesting tidbits of fashion and style. This week, get a sneak peek into what happened at the recently-concluded Lakme India Fashion Week, and also meet fashion designers Kunal Rawal and Suneet Varma.

    Mariona��s Thailand, TLC, Saturday, 9 pm
    Australian chef and author Marion Grasby is on a culinary tour of Thailand. In this episode, she shows us how to make roast chicken and pineapple curry and also reveals how to make the perfect fish cake. One of the highlights is a visit to a coconut plantation in Pranburi, where a monkey gathers coconuts.

    Doctor Who, FX, Sunday, 11 pm
    In episode two of season nine, The Witcha��s Familiar, the Doctor is trapped in Dalek City, the heart of his enemya��s empire. When his archenemy Davros, who is losing his powers, expresses a last wish to see the sun rise on his planet, the Doctor takes pity on him and tries to give him some of his energy. But he soon realises it is a trap. He now needs to quickly find the time machine and escape.

    Look Whoa��s Talking with Niranjan, Zee CafA�, Sunday, 9 pm
    This week, screenwriter-host Niranjan Iyengar interviews Fawad Khan, the Pakistani actor who recently caught everyonea��s attention with his Bollywood debut, Khoobsoorat. In the eighth episode of season two, the shy actor confesses that women make him nervous. He also gets chatty about his childhood, career and his love life.

    Dr Ken, Comedy Central, Sunday, 8 pm
    The series revolves around the life of Dr Ken, a brilliant doctor who is trying hard to balance his work and personal life, but with little success. Ken Jeong, who played Leslie Chow in the Hangover series has written and directed the series, besides starring in the titular role.


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