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    ballersBallers, HBO Defined,
    Monday, 9.30 pm
    Titled Flamingos, this is the concluding episode of the first season. It sees retired athlete-turned-coach Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) facing a tough decision when his financial advisor has an idea for a new venture. Meanwhile, Spencera��s top player Ricky has to face his disapproving father in person.




    foemulaoneFormula One,
    Star Sports, Sunday, 5.30 pm
    Following their mid-season break, Formula One makes its way to Belgium, at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. The legendary left-hand Eau Rouge corner remains part of the track, and promises excitement yet again. A tough circuit (that has seen only Michael Schumacher win it six times), Daniel Ricciardo is the reigning champion, while Lewis Hamilton will hope to extend his lead at the front of the pack.



    howitsmadeHow Ita��s Made,
    Discovery Science, Daily, 8 pm
    The latest season comes with all-new intel on how everythinga��from underwater robots to household radiatorsa��are made. The series will take viewers behind the scenes at different factories around the world, revealing how raw materials are transformed into these everyday objects. There will even be interesting episodes that trace the creation of wax figurines and braille typewriters.

    Strictly Street,
    Travel XP HD, Saturday, 9 pm
    Diving into the decadent street food the country has to offer, in this episode Strictly Street takes you to Patna. Get a generous dose of favourites like litti chokha, kala jamun, kesaria pedas, chena murki and many other treats, while also finding out about their history and origins.

    Colors, Weekdays, 9.30 pm
    Protagonist Ragini forcefully marries Lakshya, who actually loves Swara, Raginia��s step sister. Only Swara knows that Ragini tried to kill her so she could get married. When Sanskar, Lakshyaa��s cousin, realises the truth, he vows to help Swara get justice. To get Ragini to reveal her evil motives, the two get married and plot to bring down the man who murdered Sanskara��s fiance.

    Jamiea��s Great Britain,
    Fox Life HD, Friday, 8 pm
    Jamie Oliver takes you on a culinary tour around Britain in Jamiea��s Great Britain. Starting his exploration in Englanda��s West Country, in Bristol, Oliver
    experiments with the strong spices known to be used by the West Indians there, and combines them with local ingredients to create fusion dishes.


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