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    How Do They Do It?,
    Discovery Channel, Monday, 11 am
    From newspaper making to diamond mining, this show tells us how commonly-used things in our lives are made. In the latest episode, host Chris Broyles takes
    us to Morocco where we learn the art of saffron making. He then takes us to a
    coin-making factory where we find out
    how a perfect coin is made.

    Star World, Saturday, 9 pm
    This comedy-drama sees Michelle Simms, a ballet dancer-turned teacher, taking classes at her mother in law, Fanny Flowersa��, dance school. The latest episode sees a tug of war between Simms and Flowers as they bicker about different routines for an upcoming dance performance.

    Extant, AXN, Friday, 10 pm
    This Steven Spielberg sci-fi drama takes us through the life of an astronaut, Molly Woods (played by Halle Berry), as she tries to understand how she ended up pregnant while away on a solo mission for 13 months. In the latest episode, she learns about her parents and her family history, which changes how she sees her life. How will she be able to go on after this surreal discovery?


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