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    Cake Boss, TLC, Saturday, 7.30 pm
    In this reality show, Buddy Valastro runs the Carloa��s Bake Shop along with his family in New Jersey. This time, he is asked to make a glow-in-the-dark zombie cake for a bachelorette party. But Valastroa��s mother disapproves of the unusual order because she thinks ita��s risque.

    Man vs Wild, Discovery, Saturday, 11 pm
    Bear Grylls arrives in South China in the aftermath of a tropical cyclone. Here,
    the British adventurer is seen tackling mighty rivers, climbing slippery limestone structures and avoiding stinging ants. Later in the episode, he will put ancient tribal techniques to good use, to hunt bats for food.

    Untamed & Uncut, Animal Planet, Friday, 11 pm
    The series documents unexpected and violent animal encounters on camera. In Saturdaya��s episode, titled Cat-Tastrophes, a ranger at a National Park in Kenya is attacked by a leopard. Later, viewers will see footage of a lion attacking his trainer on the red carpet of a festival and a group of tigers mauling their keeper at a safari park in Philippines.

    Odd Mom Out,A�Comedy Central, Friday, 9pm
    The new series offers insights into the lives of uber-rich mothers staying in the posh Upper East Side neighbourhood of New York. Watch how fashionista Jill Weber resists the temptations and perks afforded her by her lawyer husband Andya��s wealthy family.

    Science of Stupid, National Geographic Channel, Friday, 9 pm
    In the new season of Science of Stupid, host Manish Paul will explain the physics, chemistry and biology at play behind a string of misadventures. From biking stunts gone wrong to people slipping on a wet floor, a group of experts will analyse what actually went wrong.

    Foodicted, Travel Xp, Friday,10.30 pm
    Take a gastronomical tour of Cambodia on Friday. Khmer, as the Cambodian cuisine is known, is dominated by herbs, pickled vegetables, dipping sauces, edible flowers and condiments. With dishes like fish amok, Khmer red curry and nom banh chok (Khmer noodles) possibly on the menu, make sure you catch this one.


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