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Star World Premiere HD, Friday, 9.30 pm
The series follows Jimmy Martino, a restaurant owner, who is determined to lead the life of a partying bachelor after his divorce. But then he happens to meet his son, who he never knew existed, and learns that he is not only a father but also a grandfather. In tonighta��s episode, Martino will reunite with his college friends, and bestie Ronnie, who will make fun of his a�?family mana�� image.

Predation!, Animal Planet, Friday, 7 pm
Tonighta��s episode, named Praying Mantis: An Aliena��s World, will explore the evolution, life cycle and behaviour of the insect. This macro documentary will also offer a glimpse of the most formidable and rarest representatives of the mantis family. There are some 2,200 species of this bizarre insect family across the globe.

Cars That Rock With Brian Johnson, Discovery Turbo, Saturday, 6 pm
In the series, Brian Johnson, the frontman of Australian band AC/DC, explores the history of his favourite cars. He will tell you what makes Jaguar so special and meet Norman Dewis, who was engaged in the development of the Jaguar brand between 1952 and 1985. Later, he will also
try his hand at drifting in a JaguarA�Project 7 model.

Mariona��s Thailand,
TLC India, Friday, 6.30 pm
In tonighta��s episode, titled Farewell, Thailanda��s celebrated chef Chumpol will whip up one of Thailanda��s national dishes, Nahm Prik Kapi (a dipping sauce). Australian chef and author, Marion Grasby, who hosts the show, will cook a whole fish by steaming it in banana leaves on a charcoal BBQ. A prawn and banana blossom salad is also part of the menu.

HOUSE -- Pictured: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House -- NBC Photo: Art Streiber



House MD, FX and FX HD, Friday, 10 pm
In this episode, a college student named Brandon is rushed to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital after he collapses. Watch Dr Gregory House and his team figure out the cause of the collapse in this re-run, even as Brandona��s condition continues to deteriorate and his symptoms multiply.





Chicago Fire, Colors Infinity,
Tuesday, 10 pm
The show chronicles the everyday struggles of firefighters and paramedics working at the Chicago Fire Department (CFD). This week, tension between CFDa��s Lieutenant Matthew Casey and detective Hank Voight of the Chicago Police Department will escalate. The former had tried to report the lattera��s son for driving under the influence of alcohol.


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