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The Royals, Colors Infinity,
Thursday, 10 pm
Set in modern day London, the dramaA�series shines the spotlight on the dark
secrets of a British royal family. WhileA�Queen Helena and King Simon paint a
pretty picture of their family in public,A�politics is ruining their relationship. AfterA�the sudden death of their son, Prince
Robert, Liam, the second son, is next inA�line to inherit the throne.

Mulaney, Comedy Central,
Tuesday, 10.30 pmA�ourpick2
Comedian John Mulaney stars as a fictionalised
version of himself in this sitcom.
The show also revolves around his friends
in New Yorka��from fellow standup Motif
to an elderly gay neighbour Oscar (Elliott
Gould). Mulaneya��s life changes when hea��s
hired as a writer for comedian and game
show host, Lou Cannon.

Game of Thrones, Star WorldA�ourpick3

Premiere HD, Tuesday, 10 pm
Jon Snow is back in the GoT universe and
has already killed the traitors from Nighta��s
Watch. What will he do next? Find out in
episode four, Book of the Stranger, of the
fantasy dramaa��s sixth season. And while
you wonder who is the stranger they are
referring to, you will also see Tyrion
Lannister striking a pivotal deal
with a mysterious a�?someonea��.


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