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The Royals, Colors Infinity,
Thursday, 10 pm
Set in modern day London, the drama series shines the spotlight on the dark
secrets of a British royal family. While Queen Helena and King Simon paint a
pretty picture of their family in public, politics is ruining their relationship. After the sudden death of their son, Prince
Robert, Liam, the second son, is next in line to inherit the throne.

Mulaney, Comedy Central,
Tuesday, 10.30 pm ourpick2
Comedian John Mulaney stars as a fictionalised
version of himself in this sitcom.
The show also revolves around his friends
in New York—from fellow standup Motif
to an elderly gay neighbour Oscar (Elliott
Gould). Mulaney’s life changes when he’s
hired as a writer for comedian and game
show host, Lou Cannon.

Game of Thrones, Star World ourpick3

Premiere HD, Tuesday, 10 pm
Jon Snow is back in the GoT universe and
has already killed the traitors from Night’s
Watch. What will he do next? Find out in
episode four, Book of the Stranger, of the
fantasy drama’s sixth season. And while
you wonder who is the stranger they are
referring to, you will also see Tyrion
Lannister striking a pivotal deal
with a mysterious ‘someone’.


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