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KorsonSeed, Comedy Central
Wednesday, 10 pm
One day, a boy named Billy walks up to Harry Dacosta, a young bartender, and claims to be his son. Next, a girl named Anastasia claims to be his daughter. The series follows how Dacosta’s life gets complicated after children—from his foray into sperm donation—show up. How will he deal with his new-found family?

Man vs Wild, Discovery
Sunday, 10 pm
This time, Bear Grylls finds himself stranded in America’s greatest mountain range, the Sierra Nevada. It’s a place where hundreds of people get lost every year. He will show you how to survive in its three major mountainous regions: alpine, woodlands and chaparral. He will also parachute into an alpine lake, free-climb down steep cliffs, and raft down white-water rapids.

Togetherness, Star World HDtelewtach 3
Sunday, 10pm
In this comedy-drama, after nearly
reaching breaking point last season, sound composer Brett Pierson and his wife Michelle struggle to make sense of where their marriage is heading. Meanwhile, Pierson’s best friend, Alex, returns, reinvigorated, from New Orleans, following his big acting break. But his newfound success threatens to disrupt
his relationships back home.


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