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    The Story of God -The Power of Miracles,
    National Geographic Channel, Friday, 10 pm
    The last instalment of the six-part documentary
    series, hosted by Morgan
    Freeman, delves into questions like
    a�?Where did we come from?a�� and a�?Who is
    behind our existence?a�� The veteran actor
    explores the belief in a higher power,
    across different cultures. Dona��t miss this
    concluding episode, which tries to substantiate
    the belief in miracles.

    Telesnip2 (1)Quantico, Star World Premiere HD,
    Saturday, 9 pm
    The finale of Quantico season one, titled
    Yes, packs in a lot of action, suspense and
    drama. On their graduation day, the new
    trainee agents of Quantico face a terrorist,
    as well as the Herculean task of stopping
    an explosive from going off. Will extrainee
    Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) be
    able to help? Will she finally find a
    place in the CIA? Find out.

    Orange is the New Black,A�Telesnip3 (1)
    Colors Infinity, Monday, 8 pm
    Season one of this comedy- drama series
    comes to an end next week. Set inside a
    womena��s federal prison in New York, it tells
    the story of Piper Chapman, who has been
    sentenced to 15 months for shipping a suitcase
    full of drug money. Tune in to this
    Netflix original, which has bagged three
    Emmy Awards.


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