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    Superstore, Comedy Central, Thursday, 10 pm
    The American TV series, about a diverse set of employees working at aA�Midwestern big box storeA�called Cloud 9,A�is heading for its first seasona��s finale next week. In the last episode, you will see the pregnant teen employee,A�Cheyenne, go into labour andA�how her colleaguesA�snap into action to deliver the baby.

    Cruise Ship Diaries,
    Nat Geo People HD, Friday, 9.30 pm
    Set sail on a superlinerA�and go behind the scenes for a look at how cruise ships function, the effort that goes into keeping passengers satisfied and more. In this episode, the Costa Favolosaa��s maiden journey comes to an end.

    Lonely Planet Six Degrees,
    TLC HD, Friday, 11 pm
    This show seeks to show viewers what makes every great city special a�� its people. The tourists featured arrive at a new city with just one point of contact.A�They then use the contact to meet others duringA� their stay. This episode goes off theA� tourist track and takes you into theA� hidden gems in Tokyo.


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