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    Superstore, Comedy Central, Thursday, 10 pm
    The American TV series, about a diverse set of employees working at a Midwestern big box store called Cloud 9, is heading for its first season’s finale next week. In the last episode, you will see the pregnant teen employee, Cheyenne, go into labour and how her colleagues snap into action to deliver the baby.

    Cruise Ship Diaries,
    Nat Geo People HD, Friday, 9.30 pm
    Set sail on a superliner and go behind the scenes for a look at how cruise ships function, the effort that goes into keeping passengers satisfied and more. In this episode, the Costa Favolosa’s maiden journey comes to an end.

    Lonely Planet Six Degrees,
    TLC HD, Friday, 11 pm
    This show seeks to show viewers what makes every great city special — its people. The tourists featured arrive at a new city with just one point of contact. They then use the contact to meet others during  their stay. This episode goes off the  tourist track and takes you into the  hidden gems in Tokyo.


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