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    TeleSide1Man, Woman and Wild,
    Discovery Channel, Sunday, 5 pm In Season two of Man, Woman and Wild, survival expert Mykel Hawke and his wife, RuthA� England, take us through their dangerous expeditions. From places like the Amazon jungle, Scottish highlands and Montana, they face everything from extremely cold weather to wild animal attacks. Tune in for your adventure fix.



    TeleSide2The Good Wife, Monday to Friday,
    Z Cafe, 2.45 pm Season four of this legal drama sees Alicia Florrick impress as a litigator, a job she took on to support her familyA� after her husbanda��s arrest. Meanwhile, the law firma��s partner, Will, is back from his suspension even as the whole team is tryingA� hard to keep the company afloat after being under investigation by authorities.



    TeleSide3Monsters Inside Me, Tuesday-Friday and Sunday, Animal Planet, 6 pm
    The latest episode of this documentary series on parasites, sees an eight-year-old girl waking up to stomach pain. After days of enduring the pain, a hospital examination shows that she is playing host to innumerable parasites. The story revolves around the troubles she faces at school and how the parasites affect her health.



    TeleSide4The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,
    Comedy Central, Every day, 11 pm Jon Stewart has a candid conversation with Ramita Navai, the British-Iranian author andA� journalist, in the latest episode of The Daily Show. Besides talking about her new book, City of Lies: Love, Sex, Death, and the Search For Truth in Tehran, she tells Stewart about her journey as a journalist.



    dieDo or Die, National Geographic
    Channel, Sunday, 10 pm This series brings some of the deadliest situations caught on camera to the telly. In the latest episodeA� of Do or Die, called Up in Flames, an angry mother elephant goes on a rampage in a petrol bunk, killing people and animalsA� alike. With a person stuck in a car near the bunk, and the elephant close by, the person has to think of ideas to escape thisA� do-or-die situation.



    TeleSide6Game of Stones, Discovery Channel,

    Monday to Thursday, 7 pm Discovery Channel is all set to premiere Game of Stones, an adventure series, where gem hunterA� Don Kogen and his crew travel across countries like Thailand, Turkey, Tanzania and India, in search of the rarest of gems. InA� the pursuit of these gems, Kogen faces the worst of climatic conditions and even wildlife.


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