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    Jimmy Kimmel Live,
    Star World, Friday, 11 pm
    Tonight, comedian Jimmy Kimmel will
    host US Presidential candidates, Donald
    Trump and Bernie Sanders, on his chat
    show. This is the third visit for Republican
    nominee Trump and US Senator Sanders
    on the late-night programme, and the
    White House hopefuls will discuss their
    campaigns. Tune in for some politicalthemed

    Primal Survivor – Desert Hunters,
    National Geographic, Saturday, 8 pm
    The San people of the Kalahari Desert, also
    called the bushmen, are among the worlda��s
    best animal trackers. In this episode, wilderness
    guide and survival instructor, Hazen
    Audelas, travels to their land to take lessons
    in bow construction, hunting and survival
    strategies. His first endurance test is to cross
    the scorpion-infested desert all alone.

    Pranked, Punka��d and Betty Whitea��s Off Their
    Rockers, Comedy Central, June 1, 10 am
    Celebrate Dare Day with a special line-up of
    prank shows on TV and pick up a trick or
    two, we say. While everybody is at the
    receiving end on the shows Pranked and
    Punka��d, in Betty Whitea��s Off Their Rockers,
    youngsters are caught off-guard by elderly
    people and their hidden cameras.


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