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    Damien, Star World Premiere HD,
    Monday, 11 pm
    It is a spin-off of the famous 1976 horrorA�film, The Omen. In this TV adaptation,A�we see Damien Thorn all grown up andA�pursuing his career as a war photographer.A�He has forgotten his Satanic origins,A�until one day his past comes back toA�haunt him. Now he has to grapple withA�his true identity.

    Top Gear, AXN, Saturday, 9 pmA�cam2
    One of the most popular TV series aboutA�cars, Top Gear is back in a new avatar. In
    Season 23, it will feature new hosts ChrisA�Evans and Matt LeBlanc. In the first episode,A�they will review supercars ArielA�Nomad, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 andA�Dodge Viper. Michelin-star chef GordonA�Ramsay and actor Jesse Eisenberg will beA�the opening weeka��s celebrity guests.

    Black-ish, Star World and Star World HD,

    Saturday-Sunday, Noon – 5 pm
    This weekend, catch the entire season
    two of Black-ish with your family. It
    revolves around the lives of the Johnsons,
    an upper-middle class African-American
    family, and the hilarious ways in which
    they assert their cultural identity in
    suburban California.


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