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    The Jim Giffigan Show and Seed,
    Colors Infinity, Sunday, 12 pm
    This Father’s Day special documents Jim Giffigan’s and Harry Dacosta’s struggles with fatherhood on the TV shows, The Jim Giffigan Show and Seed. While the former features a standup comedian and his family of five children, the latter is about a bartender who is coming to terms with the offsprings that have resulted from his stint as a sperm donor.

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,
    Star World Premiere HD, Friday, 8 pm
    Tune in to the personal and professional lives of your favourite actors, sportsmen, politicians, musicians and comedians on this new show. Hosted by comedianwriter- actor Stephen Colbert, the first episode will feature Liam Hemsworth, the Australian actor most famous for his role in The Hunger Games series. Meanwhile, comic Paul Mecurio will put up a standup performance.

    Orange is the New Black,
    Season four, Netflix
    Season three ended with a bus full of new inmates entering Litchfield, Alex being held at gunpoint by an assassin, and Piper being embroiled in a war with the Hispanic inmates. Watch to find out what happens next.


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