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    The Jim Giffigan Show and Seed,
    Colors Infinity, Sunday, 12 pm
    This Fathera��s Day special documents JimA�Giffigana��s and Harry Dacostaa��s strugglesA�with fatherhood on the TV shows, The JimA�Giffigan Show and Seed. While the formerA�features a standup comedian and hisA�family of five children, the latter is aboutA�a bartender who is coming to terms withA�the offsprings that have resulted from hisA�stint as a sperm donor.

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,
    Star World Premiere HD, Friday, 8 pm
    Tune in to the personal and professionalA�lives of your favourite actors, sportsmen,A�politicians, musicians and comedians onA�this new show. Hosted by comedianwriter-A�actor Stephen Colbert, the firstA�episode will feature Liam Hemsworth,A�the Australian actor most famous for hisA�role in The Hunger Games series.A�Meanwhile, comic Paul Mecurio will putA�up a standup performance.

    Orange is the New Black,
    Season four, Netflix
    Season three ended with a bus full of newA�inmates entering Litchfield, Alex beingA�held at gunpoint by an assassin, and PiperA�being embroiled in a war with theA�Hispanic inmates. Watch to find outA�what happens next.


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