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    Game of Thrones, Tuesday, Star
    World Premier HD, 10 pm,
    This epic 69-minute finale of Game of Thrones addresses all the questions you’ve been asking throughout Season 6. Queen Cersei is up for trial, while Daenerys –the princess of House Targaryen, heads back to Meereen, from where she was exiled.

    JFK: The Lost Bullet, National
    Geographic Channel, Friday, 10 pm
    The documentary takes you back to November 22, 1963, when the 35th US president John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas during a motorcade by Lee Harvey Oswald. The focus will be on the Zapruder film, considered to be the most important piece of evidence in this killing. It was shot by clothing manufacturer Abraham Zapruder on his homemovie camera, and captures the fatal gunshot to President Kennedy’s head.

    Bates Motel, Colors Infinity,
    Saturday-Sunday, 12 pm onwards
    Binge watch Season1 of Bates Motel this weekend, as part of Colors Infinity’s special showcase called Infinity-on-demand. The thriller follows the life of Norma Louise Bates and her son Norman in the coastal town of Oregon, where they run a motel. One day, Norman kills the former owner of the motel in a fit of anger as he finds him harassing his mother.


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