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    Game of Thrones, Tuesday, Star
    World Premier HD, 10 pm,
    This epic 69-minute finale of Game ofA�Thrones addresses all the questionsA�youa��ve been asking throughout Season 6.A�Queen Cersei is up for trial, whileA�Daenerys a��the princess of HouseA�Targaryen, heads back to Meereen, fromA�where she was exiled.

    JFK: The Lost Bullet, National
    Geographic Channel, Friday, 10 pm
    The documentary takes you back toA�November 22, 1963, when the 35th USA�president John F Kennedy was assassinatedA�in Dallas during a motorcade byA�Lee Harvey Oswald. The focus will be onA�the Zapruder film, considered to be theA�most important piece of evidence in thisA�killing. It was shot by clothing manufacturerA�Abraham Zapruder on his homemovieA�camera, and captures the fatalA�gunshot to President Kennedya��s head.

    Bates Motel, Colors Infinity,
    Saturday-Sunday, 12 pm onwards
    Binge watch Season1 of Bates Motel thisA�weekend, as part of Colors Infinitya��s specialA�showcase called Infinity-on-demand.A�The thriller follows the life of NormaA�Louise Bates and her son Norman in theA�coastal town of Oregon, where they run aA�motel. One day, Norman kills the formerA�owner of the motel in a fit of anger asA�he finds him harassing his mother.


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