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    Tyrant (season 3), Colors Infinity and Colors Infinity HD, Thursday, 9 am
    Bassam Barry Al-Fayeed, better known as Barry, has a tougher challenge to take on this season. After the shocking death of his older brother, Jamal, he is being urged to step up and become the president of Abuddin, a fictional
    country in the Middle East.

    Marcella, Netflix, Friday
    Director Hans Rosenfeldta��s new thriller, starring Anna Friel and Laura
    Carmichael, releases on Netflix today. The eight-part show revolves
    around the life of detective Marcella Backland, who is returning to
    duty after a decade-long hiatus. You will see her investigate a serial
    murder case.

    The Blacklist (season 3), Star World & Star World HD, Monday-Friday, 10 pm
    The Blacklist returns with a new season. This time, you will see FBI Agent Elizabeth a�?Liza�� Keen on the run with criminal mastermind Raymond a�?Reda�� Reddington. FBI agent Donald Ressler, with the support of assistant director Harold Cooper, will lead a task force to track Liz and Red down. Watch the duo dodge the elaborate FBI trap.


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