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    Stranger Things, Netflix India
    When Will Byers goes missing, his friends, family and local police go on a hunt to bring him back home. The search results in them stumbling upon an intriguing mystery involving top secret government experiments, supernatural occurrences and a strange girl.

    Mr Robot (season two), Colors Infinity and Colors Infinity HD, Thursday, 10 am
    Season one of this cyber-thriller saw
    fsociety, a hackers’ collective, taking down the  nefarious E Corp. Find out how Elliot Alderson, a cyber security engineer suffering from social anxiety disorder, got embroiled in this big hack, orchestrated by the mysterious Mr Robot. Actor Grace Gummer will enter season two as a young CIA operative, investigating the case.

    The Tara Sharma Show (season four), Star World and Star World HD, Sunday, 11 am
    This week, Emraan Hashmi will appear on model-turned-actress Tara Sharma’s talk show. The Azhar actor will recount how he and his family dealt with his son Ayan’s cancer treatment. The show deals with parenting, family and other related social issues.


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