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    Queen of the South, Star World Premiere HD, Monday, 10 pm
    Adapted from the Spanish novel, La Reina del Sura, the drama series revolves around Teresa Mendoza. When her drug-dealing boyfriend is killed in Mexico, she flees to America in search of a safe haven. There she meets an old acquaintance, and teams up to bring down the leader of a drug trafficking racket. But in due course, she ends up leading the drug cartel.

    ?Eureka (season three), FX,
    Thursday, 12 pm
    The sci-fi series is set in the mysterious town of Eureka, which is blanketed by an electromagnetic shield and is inhabited by bright minds. In this season, defence official Dr Allison Blake brings in her friend, astrophysicist Dr Tess Fontanaa��from Global Dynamics, the corporation that operates the Eurekaa��who will oversee the reopening of Section 5, the facilitya��s most guarded chamber.

    Queen of Baboons, National
    Geographic Channel, Friday, 10 pm
    Set in Botswanaa��s Okavango Delta, the show follows the life of a female baboon named Tubu, who is destined to be the queen of the troop. But the rise to the top is ridden with hardships. Watch her survive flood and famine, brutal male baboons, a deadly leopard, and even the loss of her mother, to emerge as a powerful monarch.


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