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    Malibu Country, Z Cafe, Monday-Friday, 8.30 pm
    This show explores the life of a divorcee, Reba McEntire, and her three children, as they try to settle down in Malibu. The latest episode has her son getting into trouble while on late night stroll, forcing her to ground him. Meanwhile, Bobby, McEntirea��s former husband, spoils the kids with expensive gifts.

    Super Cars, National Geographic Channel, Monday-Friday, 10.30 pm
    Watch Super Cars to learn everything from Maseratia��s engine make to Lamborghinia��s steering performance. In the latest episode, the Porsche GT is decoded and its performance, engine, steering and mileage are explained in detail.

    My Cat from Hell, Animal Planet, Saturday, 8 pm
    Season five of My Cat from Hell portrays one family per episode, along with their intriguing cats. In the latest episode, the story revolvs around Jay and his savage cat, Marley. From biting people to stealing junk food, Marleya��s favourite food is blood. How will Jay control him?

    Supernatural, AXN, Friday, 10 pm
    After nine successful seasons, Supernatural is back with season 10. The latest episode, Hunted, follows Dean Winchester, the monster hunter, as he tries to adapt to the demonic changes inside him. Meanwhile, Sam Winchester, his brother, tries to help him by finding a cure. The episode ends with Dean telling Sam a big secret. But will Sam be able to handle it?

    Playing House, Comedy Central, Monday to Wednesday, 10.30 pm
    From dealing with lousy boyfriends to car accidents, best friends Emma Crawford and Maggie Caruso have been through everything together. Now comes a new adventurea��having to raise a baby. Pregnant Maggie looks to her friend for support when her marriage ends. Are they ready for the challenge?

    MasterChef Australia, Star World, Monday to Friday, 9 pm
    With the new power apron, which gives a lot of advantages to the wearer, the latest episode of MasterChef Season 6 sees a mystery box challenge and an elimination challenge. Even as one of the contestants gets eliminated, the final five get ready to battle it out in the next few episodes.


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