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    Eureka (season four), FX,
    Monday-Friday, 10 pm
    The story revolves around a town,
    Eureka, which is actually a secret community
    of scientists working for government-
    sanctioned top-secret research.
    This season, watch James Callis enter the
    show—as scientist Dr Grant, an ex-resident
    of the town. His unexpected return
    causes alarm for all and a big problem for
    Sheriff Jack Carter, as Grant is romantically
    interested in Allison Blake.

    Mom, Comedy Central, Tuesday, 9 pm
    This critically-acclaimed comedy series
    follows the life of a young mother,
    Christy, who, after overcoming alcoholism
    and drug addiction, now lives with
    her mother Bonny—a recovering drug
    and alcohol addict—her teenage daughter
    and her son.

    Orphan Black, AXN, Today, 11 pm
    This science fiction thriller is based on
    con-artiste Sarah Manning (Tatiana
    Maslany), who assumes the identity of one
    of her fellow clones, Elizabeth Childs, after
    witnessing the latter’s suicide. Follow the
    characters as the show raises questions
    about the moral and ethical implications
    of human cloning.


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