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    Eureka (season four), FX,
    Monday-Friday, 10 pm
    The story revolves around a town,
    Eureka, which is actually a secret community
    of scientists working for government-
    sanctioned top-secret research.
    This season, watch James Callis enter the
    showa��as scientist Dr Grant, an ex-resident
    of the town. His unexpected return
    causes alarm for all and a big problem for
    Sheriff Jack Carter, as Grant is romantically
    interested in Allison Blake.

    Mom, Comedy Central, Tuesday, 9 pm
    This critically-acclaimed comedy series
    follows the life of a young mother,
    Christy, who, after overcoming alcoholism
    and drug addiction, now lives with
    her mother Bonnya��a recovering drug
    and alcohol addicta��her teenage daughter
    and her son.

    Orphan Black, AXN, Today, 11 pm
    This science fiction thriller is based on
    con-artiste Sarah Manning (Tatiana
    Maslany), who assumes the identity of one
    of her fellow clones, Elizabeth Childs, after
    witnessing the lattera��s suicide. Follow the
    characters as the show raises questions
    about the moral and ethical implications
    of human cloning.


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