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    Kingsman: The Secret Service,
    Star Movies, Monday, 1 pm and 9 pm
    Catch the premiere of this British-spy
    comedy film on Independence Day. Set in
    London, the film follows the life of an
    intelligent-yet-aimless youngster Eggsy
    (Taron Egerton), who is invited to join
    Kingsman, a secret international agency.
    There he is put under the training of
    Merlin (Mark Strong), a senior official
    from the agency, who is bent on making a
    perfect spy out of him.

    Bridge of Spies, Zee Studio,
    Monday, 1 pm and 9 pm
    Set during the Cold War, this film features
    the life of James Donovan (Tom
    Hanks), a New York lawyer with a strong
    sense of ethics. Donovana��s life is turned
    upside down when he is engaged by the
    CIA to negotiate a prisoner exchange
    involving an American pilot.

    BrainDead, AXN, Tomorrow, 10 pm
    The political satire-cum-science fiction
    comedy-drama is set in Washington DC,
    where alien bugs infect members of the
    Congress. Watch out for the new episode
    where all eyes are on Laurel for her potential
    involvement with the infestation, while
    Gustav and Rochelle figure out a way to
    talk to the affected.


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