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    Awkward, Comedy Central,
    Friday, 9 pm
    This sitcom revolves around Jenna
    Hamilton, a teenage girl who becomes
    popular in high school after an accident
    she had is misconstrued as a suicide
    attempt. This season, watch the schoola��s
    most popular boy, Matty McKibben, and
    the class get ready for graduation. Also
    find out if Hamilton and McKibben will
    admit their feelings for each other.

    Mr Robot, Colors Infinity,
    Monday, 5 pm
    Elliot Alderson, who works at a cyber
    security company, connects with people
    by hacking their systems. He also aims at
    cancelling all debts by hacking one of the
    largest corporations, E Corp. Find out
    how Alderson fights his anxiety disorder
    as well as the evils of the world in this

    Queen of the South, Star World
    Premiere HD, Monday, 10 pm
    Based on the book La Reina Del Sur, by
    Perez-Reverte, this drama series follows
    the story of Teresa Mendoza, who is
    forced to seek refuge in America after her
    boyfriend, a drug dealer, is murdered in
    Mexico. In the sixth episode, Camila, who
    is building a cartel of her own, is in debt,
    while Mendozaa��s friend, Brendaa��s growing
    drug enterprise is creating problems


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