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    Vinyl, Star World
    Premiere HD, Friday, 6 pm
    The period drama based in 1973 revolves around the life of New York-based Richie Finestra, president of American Century Records Music Company, who is struggling to make his identity and find a niche in the musically diverse country. Follow his journey to find out if he sells his company or keeps it.

    Citizen Khan (Eid special),
    Comedy Central, Monday, 1 pm
    Celebrate Eid-al-adha with Citizen Khan. This family drama based in Sparkhill, Birmingham revolves around the life of a British-Muslim family that includes
    Mr Khan, a patriarchal and loud-mouthed man, his wife Razia Khan and their children.

    Ray Donovan (season four), AXN, Sunday, 1 pm
    This crime drama series starring Liev Schreiber as Raymond Donovon who works for a powerful law firm Goldman & Drexler, sees Ray and his team members manipulating the outcome of each case. Watch how Ray strategises to use art from the Kovitzsky gallery as leverage when confronted with a crisis involving one of their own.


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