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    Ray Donovan (season four),
    AXN, Sunday, 11 pm
    Catch the season finale of the crime drama series that revolves around Raymond Donovan who works for a powerful law firm, Goldman & Drexler, where he and his team members manipulate the outcome of each case. Watch how art dealer Sonia Kovitzky gives evidence against antagonist Hectora��with whom Donovan has cracked a deala��to FBI agent Frank Barnes.

    The Voice Kids, &TV,
    Saturday-Sunday, 9 pm
    In the singing reality show, the three coachesa��Shaan, Shekhar Ravjiani and Neeti Mohana��are left with six contestants each. Watch them battle it out to win the big prize. Find out which contestant will lose their spot in the show due to inadequate votes from the audience.

    Splitsvilla, MTV, Saturday, 9 pm
    The reality show revolves around young men and women who stay at Splitsvilla, where two women are crowned a�?queensa��. The other a�?princesa�� and a�?princessesa�� must challenge the queens to a task in order to replace her. With queen Kaavya dumping queen Rajnandinia��s partner, Archie, watch how the latter takes revenge in the next episode.


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