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    Chance (season one), Star World Premiere HD, Tonight, 10 pm Catch the premiere episode of this  psychological thriller, which will detail the adventures of Dr Eldon Chance (Hugh Laurie), a neuropsychiatrist. Chance tries to help a patient, who was involved in a road accident, cope, while also getting sucked into the incident owing to a case of mistaken identity and police corruption.

    The Mentalist (season seven), FX, Monday-Friday, 10 pm This crime solving drama follows the exploits of Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), a former psychic who is hired by the police for his superior mind-reading and  observational skills. When a woman is kidnapped for ransom, multiple police units are brought in and all of them start questioning Jane’s unorthodox ways of solving crimes.

    Man with a Plan (season one), Comedy Central, Tomorrow, 9 pm What happens when a contractor becomes a stay-at-home dad? Friends fame Matt LeBlanc appears as Burns, a man who decides to take care of the kids to support his wife. Burns soon realises how strenuous it is supervise a bunch of naughty children, and that his construction work is comparatively easier.


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