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The--LeftoversThe Leftovers, HBO, Sunday, 10 pm
Based on the novel by Tom Perotta, of the same name, the eighth episode of season one, based in fictional Mapletown, sees a falling out between the two main characters, Jill and Aimee. Meanwhile, there is a struggle between protagonist Kevin and Patti, the person whom he kidnapped with his friend Dean, the previous night.




Teen-WolfTeen Wolf, AXN, Friday, 11 pm
The villain of this season, The Benefactor, has a list of supernaturals on his hit list, called the dead pool, and with the help of a group of assassins, he is on a killing spreea��keeping the residents of Beacon Hills on the run. As the were-jaguar, Kate Argent, continues to disrupt protagonist Scott Mccalla��s plans, werewolf Derek Hale, who has lost all his powers, learns to survive as a human.




Dead-or-AliveDead or Alive, National Geographic Channel, Sunday, 11.30 pm
The latest episode of Dead or Alive, called Blood in the Water, shows two gory shark attacksa��one in California and the other in South Africa. The attacks leave the victims aghast and the community restless. This series shows what it is like when human beings and wildlife clash, resulting in heavy damage.




Look-who-is-talking'Look Whoa��s Talking with Niranjan,
Z Cafe, Sunday, 9 pm
In the latest episode, Niranjan Iyengar has a candid conversation with Parineeti Chopra, talking to her about her upcoming ventures, her plans to buy a flat, her life in Ambala, her interest in scuba diving, and her take on working with the Khans. In the show, Iyengar touches upon all possible topicsa��from starsa��s professional lives to their interests and upcoming projects.



NecessaryNecessary Roughness,
Star World Premier HD, Friday, 10 pm
This Long Island-based show stars Callie Thorne as Danielle Santino, a divorcee who joins a professional football team as a therapist. Catch the telecast of season two of this show, which starts off with a huge problem within the team, leading to the protagonist and the coaches taking drastic action against the team members.



Fast-n-loudFast N Loud,
Discovery Channel, Saturday, 9 am
In the third season of Fast and Loud,
Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman travel to sign a deal to buy a classic 1970a��s Jaguar. On the trip, they are required to overcome dangers like wildlife, treacherous weather and not-so-friendly locals. Catch their mission on Discovery Channel as they try to make a deal with the devil.


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