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    The Great Indoors, Allegra for hives treatment
    Comedy Central, Saturday, 9.30 pm
    Jack Gordon (Joel McHale) has made a name for himself as an adventure reporter for the magazine
    Outdoor Limits. His days of exploring the world end when the magazineai??i??s founder, Roland, announces its move to web-only publishing and assigns Jack to its headquarters in Chicago to
    supervise the Millennials who make up its online team.

    Emerald City, COLORS INFINITY, Saturday, 8 pm
    There is a mysterious girl in
    Emerald City this week. Catch what
    happens when Dorothy and Lucas cross paths with the girl who has lost her
    way in this weekai??i??s episode.

    Wild Menu, Animal Planet,
    Sunday, 6 pm
    Did you know that a vultureai??i??s beak is stong enough to cut through and body to eat it from inside out? Here is a glimpse into the strange meals that the wild devour. From the chimps that feed on termites to the deadly embrace of snakes, catch the best of what the
    Wild Menu has to offer at the great
    restaurant that is nature.


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