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    APB, Star World, Saturday 9 pm
    This new series sees actor Justin Kirk donning the role of tech millionaire Gideon Reeves. The plot has Reeves seeking out his best friend’s murderer. In the process, he takes charge of a police precinct. The story is loosely based on the New York Times Magazine article ‘Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?’ APB airs March 4 onwards.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Comedy Central, Saturday, 8 pm
    Find out what happens when cops Amy and Jake compete against each other to catch the maximum convicts. The outcome will decide who moves into whose apartment, drawing some major laughs in the process.

    Gossip Girl, Colors infinity Sunday, 1 pm
    Nobody expected Blair’s mother to choose her to be the new face of her clothing line. Also, Nate and Chuck indulge in a boys weekend to blow off steam after Ivy Week. If you’re a fan of this teen drama series, this episode is a must-watch.


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