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Rupesh & Anita Kholay and Neha Dhupia & Robert Samet

A. Le Meridien
Neha Dhupia made a pit-stop here and interacted with guests at the celebration of Naturals Hair & Beauty Salona��s 50th store in the city. Tipple flowed generously and so did the snacks and camaraderie.


Judith Fairbairn & Ian Felton

B. Shiro
The popular Pollyana and Hitesh Patel threw a lively brunch for their friends before heading off to London. A spirited DJ, excellent finger foods and a hearty buffet kept the fashionable crowd going, well into the evening.
C. Grill & Curry Bowl
Ram and Sheetal Chugh created an event around the new menu at this speciality seafood place at 1 MG Mall. The evening included a stand-up comedy act, music, quick bites, dinner and a take-away of the chefa��s tuna pickle.

-Team Indulge


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