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    Colours of Zen
    With a sleek silhouettea��that comes in a range of funky coloursa��the new Nike Roshe claims to be inspired by Roshis (or Japanese Zen masters) Rs 2,999. Details: nike.com/in

    Vitamin shot
    Now get the goodness of summer-ripened fruits for your face. Antahpura Spa at Park Hyatt has launched their 60-minute Kwi Papaya Facial, packed with the goodness of vitamins C, E and K. While kiwi lends a natural glow, papaya will balance your skin’s oils. At Rs 2,500 plus tax, the offer is available all through July. Details: 71771234

    Aroma therapy
    Aromachologie from La��Occitane has a treat in store for you. Theya��ve launched a new range of bath and body products (body creams, shower gels, bath salts and more), enriched with botanical active ingredientsa��from bergamot and geranium essential oils to salt crystals from Camargue in France. With energising, anti-ageing and moisturising benefits, the range starts from RsA� 1 ,340. Details: in.loccitane.com


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