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The hottest gadgets in the market to keep you connected on the road

Wired on tyres

Scala Rider Q1

1If you are the kind who doesn’t like to miss a phone call, even while riding, the Scala Rider Q1 Bluetooth headset is the best product you could own. The device clips on to your helmet, has a 10-hour talk time, a noise-cancelling microphone and is dustproof and waterproof. The Scala Rider can even pair with up to two phones/music players, and allows the rider and pillion to communicate with each other. Rs 12,499.
Details: planetdsg.com

i-Mate Handlebar Mount

Your trouser pockets are the worst place to keep your smartphone, especially when you are relying on it to be your navigation device. The i-Mate universal motorcycle mount can clip on to handlebars of any size and offer a sturdy base for your smartphone. The design of the mount can accommodate most of the widely-used smartphones, like iPhones, Samsungs and Lenovos. Rs  2,255. Details: amazon.in

Turn Raise Power Adapter

While on a road trip, the last thing that should worry you is a dead battery on your phone or music player. Never run out of power with the smart dual Turn Raise USB adapter charger. The unit clips on to your motorcycle’s handlebar, is completely waterproof and even comes with two USB ports and a 12V car-type socket—which can charge multiple gadgets on the go. Rs 2,141. Details: amazon.in


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