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As the sun sets behind the minarets of the busy city, those who are always on the run can pick up iftar boxes or kits to break their fast as the time of maghrib azaan nears. Ita��s Ramzan time and ita��s time for restaurants to come up with new ideas to cater to the needs of rozedaars (fast observers). Thata��s how they have a range of such boxes and kits that have the delicious creamy haleem, cut fruits, a wrap, juice or a bottle of mineral water and of course date-palms. We bring you five picks of iftar boxes from the city:

Goodies from Seasons XPRS
Located in the posh area of Banjara Hills Road No 3, you can pick up their iftar box which has quite a variety to offer. Says the restaurant manager Ganesh, a�?We design it exclusively for the working people who want to collect it from our outlet.a�? Therea��s much to savour from the box. You get date palms and along with it a packet chicken biryani, box of mutton haleem, mirchi ka saalan along with pita bread, fried chicken and hummus. The fried chicken that they make is great in taste as they use mix of chili flakes and some herbs. Now thata��s quite a deal for people staying alone or who have to rush to office in late hours. The iftar box can be picked up from the restaurant after 4 pm. Price: `249. Details: 33165042

Combo magic from Hotel Green Park
Located in the busy commercial space of Begumpet thata��s connected to other buzzing junctions of the city you can pick their iftar kit on the go. You get a big combo bag consisting of a mini box of haleem, Double Ka Meetha, Khubani Ka Meetha and even a small box of biryani that you can relish after offering your prayers. The haleem despite being rich ita��s not heavy on your stomach. You can also pick food from their Ramzan kiosks. They have different combo offers as well. Price: `549. Details: 23757677

Surprise from Siesta Hitech
If you are in the IT industry and also a devout who observes the fast religiously, you need to get to Sieste Hitech at Manikonda. This place boasts of an iftar box with a difference. Guess what they have in both veg and non-veg boxes? In a smart move, they pack chicken biryani, haleem, mirchi ka saalan and khubani ka meetha in one box and they give you date palms and fruits separately. The veg box contains veg biryani instead of chicken. Price: `300++ taxes. Details: 42420000

Simple affair from
Steak House
Known for the organic mutton haleem that chef Inam Khan prepares at his restaurant, he has also started the iftar boxes with cut fruits, date palms, haleem and salad. Many people want their iftar light so chef just adds boiled eggs in the box for that extra protein intake that long fasts deprive the body of. Price: `350. Time to take the box after 4.30 pm. Details: 69994858

Home delivery
from Sahiba��s, Ohria��s
At Shilparamam, Madhapur Ohria��s outlet Sahiba��s Barbeque offers iftar boxes complete with date-palms, cut fruits, kebabs and biryani. Whata��s more they have an add-on option of haleem. You can ask them to add haleem to your box for `149. You dona��t have to walk to their outlet, just ring their number and place the order. The price of the box is `399. Available after 4 pm. Details: 9177845444

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