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    The Rock na�� roll legenda��s A�son makes his TV debut with Vinyl

    MICK Jaggera��s debut TV project Vinyl a�� about the music industry of 1970s a�� is finally on air. It is also the maiden TV outing of his actor-musician son James Jagger. While Rolling Stonesa�� veteran has co-created the 10-part series along with film genius Martin Scorsese, his 30-year-old son plays Kip Stevens, the lead singer of a punk rock band on the rise, called Nasty Bits. The father-son duo even wrote songs for the pilot. Jagger Jr tells us more about the show.

    Tell us about Kip Stevens. Kip is an anti-rockstar. He is against the glam movement that the 70s music had become a�� it was more about stage action than music. Hea��s played for different bands, seen failure, and so hea��s got this real darkness to him.

    Inspirations for your character…A�Jack Ruby. He never came to prominence, but he was a seminal American rocker in the early 1970s.

    Writing music with your father… My idea of the 70s was twisted and fairy tale-ish, it might as well have been Lord of the Rings. He gave me a sense of where we were in terms of the political, social and economic feeling. You can do all the research and still not get a snippet of how people felt about 70s music. So he was a huge resource.

    Your biggest challenge on the show? It has to be acting and playing music at the same time. One day, I had a hard time a�� I was miming along to music, and then I had to see a guy come into the room, nod to him and follow his gaze until he left, and then look back. It was just like speaking ancient Greek. Wednesday, 10 pm on Star World Premiere HD
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