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    An Asgardian rocks karaoke, shoppers spin out of orbit and an action hero defies the laws of physics

    Split decisions
    Another official live test in the series portrays the spectacular precision of the Volvo Dynamic Steering function, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, popularly known as the a�?Muscles from Brusselsa��. In the ad, Van Damme does a stunt, involving an a�?epica�� split while atop two Volvo trucks. The trucks actually move in reverse while the a�?body mastered to perfection, legs engineered to defy the laws of physics and a mindset to master this most epic of splitsa�� leaves you gobsmacked.

    Low-key star
    Fans of Tom Hiddleston have more to cheer post his remarkable performance in Thor: The Dark World. As part of the Stars in Cars show on a German channel, Hiddleston sings karaoke alongside the host. Starting off a little bit rusty, the actor, who plays Loki in the Marvel films, salvages and even manages to impress with his rendition of Stand By Me, originally by Ben E King. We only wish hea��d picked a song that shows off his deep, low voice instead of a tame falsetto.

    Lost in space
    A spoof of the sci-fi hit Gravity, this video clip is set inside a massive IKEA store. Throw in some humour and exaggeration and you find shopping in IKEA is like getting lost in space. With no cell reception. In the short film, titled Alfonso CuarA?na��s Ikea, comedians Alex Viola and Daniel Hubbard play a couple in the store. Alex a�?wanders offa�� and is adrift in a�?spacea�� while, Hubbard tries to secure her return despite a fast-expiring mobile phone a�� while eating meatballs in the canteen.
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