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    On Affimity, find, follow, and be friends with people like you

    There is no dearth of online platforms that are bringing like-minded people together a�� to e-meet and greet, or share knowledge and experiences. But Bengaluru and Santa Clara-based Affimity seems to be doing it a notch better, and has recently raised a $1.2 million funding. Ita��s a social network to connect people with similar interests, and has elements of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meetup, Quora, and blog media packed in. The idea is to cut down the clutter of unnecessary messages, and let you write, read, follow, or respond to posts that interest you.
    To get started, sign up either with your Facebook account or email ID. The website/app then asks you questions to assess your personality (What turns you on?, What relaxes you?, and What is important to you now?). The platform will soon come out of its beta version, and add a more intuitive Q&A. Next, you will see a list of similar profiles to follow.
    The a�?interestsa�� are categoried into a�?channelsa��, and there are 35-plus such at the moment. Food, parenting, movies, music, fitness, games, random thoughts are a few of them. Whata��s interesting is that you can a�?leada�� these channels.
    Parveen Mittal, who founded Affimity with Ramana Venkata and Amar J Singh, explains: a�?We offer 32 levels. You graduate to a higher level when the number of your followers increase. Being on a higher level means that your posts are a credible source of information. You will also earn special privileges or gift coupons as you go up the levels.a�?
    Theya��ll soon add a chat platform, on the lines of Twittera��s direct messageA�feature.
    Available on iOS and Android.
    Details: affimity.com
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