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    Mandy Patinkin on his role as Saul, its growth and prepping for it 

    FROM  head of CIA to private investigator, Saul Berenson is shifting gears and actor Mandy Patinkin will have a vastly different role to play in Homeland Season 4. He talks about the change in storyline, shooting in Africa and why the show is a hit.
    Saul beyond the CIA.
    Part of his journey certainly is about not being in a particular seat of power. He is the sort who likes to do things. That is why he found Carrie — to mentor her, to take on that job in the field because that’s where the work is really done, not around a conference table.

    Getting involved with writers.
    I don’t get involved much here because they’re so good. But when there are objections, sometimes they convince me and, on occasion, they embrace stuff I’d improvised.  And that’s very fun, because that’s my way to write and I like messing around on the set.

    Preparing for the role
    You wake up in the morning and you read the paper, and it feels like you’re doing research for the day’s work because it’s overwhelming, there’s so much material in this broken world that we’re living in.

    What makes the show popular?
    They often say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you create the right image of two hands, you put a wish out there for what you wish the world to be.  So that’s what I hope our show is somehow consciously and unconsciously doing.

    Your ultimate role
    The next role that I play (is the ultimate), because if this is it, then what do I have to live for tomorrow?

    What is next for you?
    I’m working on a new play. I have a new vaudeville show, The Last Two People on Earth: An Apocalyptic Vaudeville, with a performer named Taylor Mack.

    Shooting in South Africa.
    Aside from the overwhelming beauty of this place, I find it an extraordinary community, given its history. With Homeland being rather political in nature, South Africa is a very powerful place to be at a very powerful time.
    Premieres October 6, 9 pm, on Star World Premiere HD
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