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    A�Mandy Patinkin on his role as Saul, its growth and prepping for it A�

    From head of CIA to private investigator, Saul Berenson is shifting gears and Mandy Patinkin will have a vastly different role to play in Homeland Season 4. He talks about the shift in storyline, shooting in Africa and why the show is a hit.

    Saul beyond the CIA.
    Part of his journey certainly is about being not in a particular seat of power. He is the sort who likes to do things. That is why he found Carrie a�� to mentor her, to take on that job in the field because thata��s where the work is really done, not around a conference table.

    Getting involved with writers.
    I dona��t get involved much here because theya��re so good. But when there are objections, sometimes they convince me and on occasion they embrace stuff Ia��d improvised. And thata��s very fun, because thata��s my way to write and I like messing around on the set.

    Preparing for the role.
    You wake up in the morning and you read the paper, and it feels like youa��re doing research for the daya��s work because ita��s overwhelming, therea��s so much material in this broken world that wea��re living in.

    What makes the show popular?
    They often say a picture is worth a thousand words, if you create the right image of two hands, you put a wish out there for what you wish the world to be. So thata��s what I hope our show is somehow consciously and unconsciously doing.
    Your ultimate role.
    The next role that I play (is the ultimate), because if this is it, then what do I have to live for tomorrow?

    What is next for you?
    Ia��m working on a new play and music. I have a new vaudeville show, The Last Two People on Earth: An Apocalyptic Vaudeville with a performer named Taylor Mack.

    Shooting in South Africa.
    Aside for the overwhelming beauty of this place, I find it an extraordinary community, given its history. With Homeland being rather political in nature, South Africa is a very powerful place to be at a very powerful time.
    Premieres October 6, 9pm on Star World Premiere HD

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