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    Geometry and fluidity mark Apparaoa��s summer curation.

    On the surface, Apparao Galleriesa�� summer curation, Movement on the Edge, seems to have brought together two different sensibilitiesa��Madhukar Maithani, who works with geometric abstracts, and John Tun Sein, who has a more fluid approach. But underneath the layers, they share a common love: a search for concepts, composition and creative flow. a�?For me, art is a a�?happeninga��; it happens as I work. There is no pre-meditated subject to contemplate. It is a creative flow,a�? shares Chennai-based Sein, whose canvasesa��distinctive by their layers of lines and coloursa��are always untitled, as a�?all my works are non-representational, I work without any subjectsa�?.
    Delhi-based Maithani also feels pre-determined concepts are superfluous roadblocks to creativity. a�?I pile layer over layer (on canvas) until it satiates the aesthetic senses in me. To me, the relationship between colours and forms is of utmost importance; I like my canvases to be at peace with themselves. When the right balance is achieved, the result is spiritualistic,a�? he says.
    While nostalgia seems to mark most of his paintings, Maithani says the question he addresses is a�?how sensitive are you to your surroundingsa��. For Sein, though, it seems to be the process of discovery and finding composition. His abstract canvases feature layers of colours, incorporating varied styles. a�?The multiple layers of colours I use are not representative of any thought process,a�? he clarifies, adding that the search for composition is most interesting.
    All the works at the exhibition are new, with a few pieces done specifically for it.
    Till July 31. Details: 28332226

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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