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    Dig into wood-fired sourdough pizzas and cake at the New Farm Fresh restaurant in White Town

    The New Farm Fresh , whichA� started a month ago in White Town is more than just a retail outlet. The owner Djanagui Alancon is thrilled about the 20-seater cafe that stocks Auroville products like Mango Hill cheese, Le Fern cheese, Naturellement jams, green tea and savories. Here is what we recommend from the menu:

    farm10Prawn Venetian: While their signature dishes include red snapper andA� pomfret fry, Italian pastas and homemade salads, their prawn Venetian-style gravy is unique. a�?I generally suggest having the prawns with garlic bread. It is not very spicy. I am not a chef, but I have learnt how to make different dishes in the past few years from friends and visting chefs,a�? says Alancon.

    farm7Sourdough pizza: Alacon says, their newly-introduced wood-fired sourdough pizza is very popular. a�?We serve original Italian pizza made with sourdough imported from the south of Italy. The sourdough ensures the pizza crust is easily digestible (by breaking down the gluten into amino acids) and it is absolutely delicious too. Our pizzas also come with a variety of great toppings like vegetables, chicken, seafood, ham (pork).a�?
    Mocha cake: Their new desserts include a Mocha Cake, a hit with coffee lovers. Alancon tells us that their Choco-Delight, a melting dark chocolate cake, is a limited edition for Christmas. The other options include Choco-Cheese Cake, tiny chocolate tarts, lemon tarts, truffles and more.

    Lunch for two costs `600. Details: 0413 2220500


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