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    A new deli offers snacky meals that are easy on the wallet

    A simple salad or a A�super saver meal, TT
    Salads and Grills is a real steal for a quick bite or food on the go. Minimal and down-to-earth, it is aimed at youngsters who troop across from Christ College, or those looking for a non-food court experience outside Forum Mall.
    If you are particular about what goes into your food, their kitchen is an open
    one, inviting visitors to peer over the counter to see what the chef adds to your meal. Starting with a non-vegetarian salad, we were quite pleased to find that it came loaded with salami (albeit chicken) and crunchy lettuce, bean sprouts and baby corn. We picked the intense yet flavourful French vinegar dressing, but you can opt for the Thousand Island, mayonnaise, remoulade or mustard in half bowl or full bowl options.
    Sandwiches and burgers
    are fast moving here, so do make sure your have one. We suggest the Texan grilled sandwich which comes layered with cheese, smoked chicken and veggies. The ham and cheese one is absolutely sinful too, but do make sure to request them to not fill it up with the overpowering capsicum. Ditch the breads in favour of their meaty grills,
    which range from chicken sausages and basa fillets to bacon and breast of chicken in a mild, medium hot and spicy sauce. Protein hunters will be pleased to see omelettes with various stuffings on offer too.
    Though stuffed to the gills,
    with their large portions, we made sure to sample some of their Chinese offerings, though how it crept into the menu is a mystery. Pinning it down to the Indian
    palate wanting spice, we gorged
    on the garlic fried rice with
    chicken. Flavourful if you dona��t mind the Indian Chinese taste, it works as a meal in itself, especially since it teams up with a healthy salad beforehand.

    `500 for two. At Adugodi.
    Details: 8884009999
    a�� Tarangini Jayram


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