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    Junoon with IFA holds its second A�edition of SMART

    As the director of Prithvi Theatre, the cultural hub in Mumbai started by her grandfather and thespian Prithviraj Kapoor, Sanjna Kapoor was and perhaps still is at the centre of Mumbaia��s theatre scene.

    Today, as the director of Junoon, which she co-founded with Sameera Iyengar in early 2013, Kapoor is vehemently helping theatre grow. In pursuit of this goal, Junoon along with Arundhati Ghosh of India Foundation for the Arts has set up an integrated theatre management program called SMART (Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre). a�?I felt the need of an integrated program because I have had no training and have found it incredibly lonely and difficult at times. Over the years I have met huge number of theatre artistes who feel the same way,a�? admits Kapoor.

    Started in 2015, it is Indiaa��s first theatre management program that vies to think and work strategically, and to be most effectual in whatever sphere of theatre they are working in. a�?Urban and semi-urban contemporary Indian theatres need professional arts management that looks at the realities of Indian theatre and responds to them. SMART is tailored to the context and realities of the arts in India,a�? says Ghosh.
    The five-month program will address the needs of theatre practice from the ground up. Informed by existing practices in India, and taught by people with experience of working with the theatre and the arts in India, the program borrows strategically from established management practices where necessary. a�?The most amazing thing about working with the dream of SMART has been the journey a�� from the nagging kernel of the idea, to the coming together of such amazing, generous people in creating the course, to the unwavering support of our funders, to the openness and commitment of the participants. The journey continues,a�? Kapoor says.
    Rs 10,000 (per person) and Rs 15,000 (for two). Applications to be sent by April 10. More details on theatreforum.in
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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