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    Tech-savvy road warriors might want to get out and rejoice, for there is a solution to lost luggage woes or the crowded baggage claim area. A few companies have introduced bags with luggage tracking systems a�� they shut down when the bag is stored onboard a plane and restart when landing (to meet regulations on wireless technology during flights). Plus, they can be monitored via your smartphone.

    Text: Ashok Pandian

    rimowa elec tagBoarding pass
    Rimowaa��s E Tag displays digital luggage data which could include your boarding pass details and allows you to complete a seamless fully auto check-in available with leading airlines later this year. The electronic luggage tag is compatible with most current lines of Rimowa. The tag adds approximately about Rs 5,000* to the cost of the respective Rimowa luggage item. Rimowa-electronictag.com

    samsonite geotrakrFor allA�seasons
    Samsonitea��s GeoTrakr utilises GSM-GPRS tech to track your baga��s location at all times directly via an app on your phone. The global tracking device is integrated and removable and has a 15-day battery life along with a charger USB. The luggage itself is super rugged, made of ballistic nylon. Rs 26,500*. Shop.samsonite.com


    fugu luggage
    Size no matter

    Fugu is so cool that you can use it as a carry on or let it self inflateA�to dump extra luggage and check it in. Available in four colours it also comes with optional GPS luggage locator and a laptop case with USB charger. Available June 2016. Prices start from Rs 20,000*. Fuguluggage.com

    visonair podpalHandsfree viewing
    The VisionAir Podpal has a tablet holder which makes life easier when youa��re stuck in transit, to view your media in portrait and landscape modes. It is also sturdy, composed of polycarbonate and has an aluminium telescopic handle and a four-wheel spinner system. Rs 9500*. Amazon.com



    TrunksterNo more zips
    Trunkster sports a sliding rolltop door and has zipperless entry. It also has USB charging and a removable battery to charge devices. As a bonus, this neat carry on also has a built-in digital scale and a Lugloc TrackerA�with worldwide GSM coverage. Pre-order now, available June 2016. Rs 23600*. Trunkster.co

    delsey pluggagePick and choose
    Delseya��s Pluggage is an interesting concept where you get to decide what your favourite connected features are, to be incorporated based on your votes. Feature possibilities are auto weighing, battery charging, interior lighting, flight/trip info, speakers, weather updates and fingerprint ID. Coming soon. Delseypluggage.com

    tumi global locatorSearch party
    Tumi Global Locator is unique as the standalone device can be popped into any piece of luggage you own. It uses GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and BT to provide specific location info via a mobile app. The device can shut itself off while flying and turn itself back on while landing. Coming soon. Tumi.com/s/globallocator


    Andiamo_iQTheft alert
    The Andiamo IQ is a smart piece of luggage and comes with its own international Wi-Fi, mobile charger and even a built in weighing scale to configure your packing. The IQ connects with iOS and Android with an app that sends anti theft notifications. Ita��s also light with an aluminium body, has 360 wheels and TSA locks. Rs 16,600*. Launching soon.Andiamoluggage.com



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